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KAIRE offers local teachers resources focusing on air pollution and the environmental impact of our choices.  

Subject areas covered are science, environmental studies, health and practical living.

Schedule a Speaker

Dee Lynch, Community Outreach Coordinator for KAIRE, is available as a guest speaker for your school or community group.  Learn about air quality and how you and your family can make air-friendly choices that help us all breathe easier. 

Are you sponsoring a health or environmental fair?  KAIRE may be able to set up a table at your event. 

If you are looking for Idle Free materials to help decrease idling around your school, check out all the resources in our Idle Free School Toolkit

Need some help with homework or looking for lesson plans?  Click on the EPA Students for the Environment Link



Progress Made on Air Quality, But Work Remains

There was a time in Louisville when you couldn’t walk downtown without getting flecks of black soot on your clean white shirt. The sun was blotted out by air pollution from factory smokestacks, motor vehicles, and coal furnaces in homes.



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There's a direct link between our air quality and children with asthma. Be a part of helping our community's asthmatic kids breathe easier by joining the KAIRE Network today.