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KAIRE offers local teachers our School Mates package – a standards-based unit of study focusing on air pollution, and the environmental impact of our choices. Subject areas covered are science, environmental studies, health and practical living.


claira.jpgCLAIRA is an interactive exhibit which allows students to see how their driving habits and buying choices affect the amount of pollution emitted by their vehicles. CLAIRA was created from the body of a Volkswagen Beetle, which gives students the opportunity to actually sit in the driver’s seat.

Save Planet Polluto

spp.jpgSave Planet Polluto, an interactive adventure consisting of twelve learning modules with up to three levels of ability and interest, offers a stimulating and educational experience for children, parents and teachers alike. Students learn the causes and effects of air pollution, and what actions can be taken to improve air quality on Earth as well as on Planet Polluto.

There is no licensing agreement for this computer game, so one CD can be copied on multiple computers. Local schools can get a free CD. Check out www.planetpolluto.com for more information about the game.

EPA Students for the Environment Link 

Idle Free School Toolkit 


How to Be an Idle Free School

We're several weeks into the school year and your days are busy with homework, schedules and meetings.  Somewhere in this flurry of activity you realize that the car rider line is longer than ever, and even worse, people are idling while they wait. 



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There's a direct link between our air quality and children with asthma. Be a part of helping our community's asthmatic kids breathe easier by joining the KAIRE Network today.