What is a Friend of the Air?

What is a Friend of the Air?

Someone who understands how important clean air is for everyone.

Someone who does simple things to reduce air pollution, like walking or cycling instead of driving. Keeping her tires inflated and getting regular oil changes so her car runs cleaner. Taking the bus to work. Never letting his engine idle unnecessarily. Someone who never forgets that the air is truly the one friend we can’t live without. Someone like you.

So join the growing number of Friends of the Air, and help everyone breathe easier.

What can you do? Plenty! Check out these clean-air tips. Join the Idle Free Louisville campaign. Get your school or workplace involved in the fight for clean air. Tell your leaders you want better mass transit and safer streets for walking and bicycling. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And be sure to sign up for Air Quality Alerts and other news from KAIRE.

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