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Idle Free collage August 2014

It might be sitting still, but an idling car is really very busy. Even the most efficient cars and trucks burn gas and wear down their engines while they idle, and that costs you money!

In fact, the average driver wastes at least $70 a year just sitting still with the engine idling. Unnecessary idling also contributes to air pollution, which makes life difficult for thousands of local children and adults with breathing problems.

There’s a simple solution, though. If you’re going to be sitting for more than 10 seconds in the school pickup lane or waiting at a drive through, turn off your vehicle. If you’re worried about this being hard on your car, there’s more information on our Myths and Facts page, but basically, modern cars don’t need to warm up more than a few seconds and are robust enough to handle frequent restarting.

So, if you’d like to help our air, turn off your car and let everyone breathe easier.

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